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Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA Update (2)

Lots of great updates.

First, Charlotte's 200 Free was her 2nd best time ever. We wanted a lifetime best, but after a very aggressive first 50 (i.e. too fast), she held on for 3 really impressive 50's that showed not only is she fast, but in great shape. That info will build confidence for a fast 100 free.

Second - Katelyn Drake = Superstar. The deck seemed stacked against her a bit. She's in the last heat of the 100 back this morning. Swimming in the fastest heat of the meet. Her warm ups and pace work have been impressive, but still, it seems like an eternity since her last swim, so I really don't know what to expect. She does though. A very nice first 50 puts her at 28.2, about .1 slower than she went out when she went her LTB. The second 50 was huge. She came home in a 29.3 and popped a 57.52... New School Record... 16th fastest in the country (moved up 3 spots from her seed), and no where to go but up. She is now officially a 2 time All American.

And this just in. Kelsey Lamdin hit her arms, hands, and head on the board during warm ups. Gets ambulanced to the hospital. Tells the doc to sew her up fast so she can still compete. I get a phone call from Bartley, and frantically search for my car keys so I can drive over to the hospital. She then walks out wearing a Bobcat Cap (with 15 staples underneath it), runs to the car - with her mom, dad, and Coach Bartley- and we book it back to the pool, 5 minutes before the competition begins. I'm heading over now to see how things unfold!

You kidding me?

Tough as nails. Lady Bobcats. wow.

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