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Monday, March 23, 2009

NCAA Recap

It's always a worthwhile trip when you can come home with 3 All-American Performances and a New School Record! We spent one week away experiencing the fastest swimming and the best diving DIII has to offer - and it was an amazing experience. Even better though is having your athletes compete, learn, and walk away with tremendous performances against the best out there, well, that is exactly why our athletes dedicate themselves and sacrifice so much. It was a tremendous year for the whole program, full of events and accomplishments we could only dream about when the season started. Finishing at the national meet, and coming out as the 4th best NESCAC team is simply amazing (29th in the country overall).

Special props to Kelsey Lamdin who has grabbed the attention and hearts of everyone at the meet, and even all DIII fans across the nation. It was very special to have the meet announcer allow her to experience a round of applause on the final night when they went over all the week's highlights. Also, stay tuned to the local news channels as everyone wants to meet the All American Diver who can face the scariest aspect of the sport - and not back down a bit! We'll keep you covered on the local coverage for sure!

Signing off from the "competitive recaps" aspect of the blog. What an amazing season!


(Below are a few still frames from our podium visit - Kelsey Lamdin 3m, 6th in the country! Above, well, there is the team photo on the last day of our Florida Trip. We were a smaller group at nationals, but all week long the ladies talked about their teammates. This past weekend just wouldn't have been possible without that family at Bates that calls itself a swim team . Next year we're bringing more!)


tom said...

the only thing left to say is....

-you know who

DrakeDaddy said...

I couldn't have said it better.
Awesome season's by both the Men's and Women's Bobcat Swimming Teams! Allready looking forward to next year and keeping all the momentum going!!