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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 2 Recap (W.NESCAC)

Started off well... finished even better!

More numbers...

20 Lifetime Bests (at least... quick count)
14 out 18 swims faster than seed time
8 Night Swims
3 Relays Improvements
4 B-Cuts
2 School Records!

Allie Lizars is on fire. That girl can't do anything but drop tons of time! All of Hope's swims are faster than her previous bests. Tasha pops her fastest relay split of the meet. Reingold keeps going lifetime bests - who cares that she was abroad last semester?! Charlotte breaks another record (1:54.11 200 Free). Drake gets back under 58 in the 100 back. Hanson drops 15 seconds in her 1000 and Bails dominates the whole swim (nearly going out in her 500 time from yesterday!). Lex drops 2 seconds off her seed time in the fly. Helen comes back from a fever and goes a lifetime best in the 100 fly. Amy Johnston... wow. She drops 2 seconds off her LTB and qualifies for a night swim by the skin of her teeth (24th in the 400). Then she comes back at night and drops another.... SIX! She moves up a place too. Fantastic.

I loved the 800 free relays the most. Both way outperformed what I was expecting... and really got me excited for tomorrow's swims. In our B relay Lex, Bailey, Allie, and Abigail destroyed their previous bests and danced their way all the way over to the warm down pool. Then Kara, Katelyn, Tato, and Charlotte jump in. Now, last year we had a stellar 800 free relay go 7:54.0, so I was hoping to get close to that again. Well these girls decided to go...


That's a B-Cut for our relay - a very important step for us - and nearly 6 seconds off the school record. Drake split 1:55.7 - right after her 100 back.


Mark said...

hahahaaa. it's just ridiculous. wow.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty wild to see all the Men's swim team fans show up to see who can come up with the wildest Pre-NESCAC haircut, it's even wilder to see Spartans (not 300 though...close) in kickboard shields, plastic masks and tree branch spears "who-whaa"ing every relay exchange, or even our local men's troup show up in an impressive "SWIM WARS" production...even featuring "Chew-Bobcat-Ka"....nice!

But, the most inspiring, impressive and simply unbelieveable thing, as a dedicated Ladies Bobcat Swimming fan is to watch the Heart, Desire, Passion, Stick-to-itive-ness, and all the Gut-checking performances these ladies showed to the Bobcat Nation the whole weekend, but especially SUNDAY NIGHT!

You girls "Ran the Show" last night as those really, cool, terrifically designed, man those are nice black and green t-shirts you strutted around in all weekend!

Sunday was officially Bates Bobcats Ladies Night Out at the Pool! Congrats to Kelsie, Katelyn, Charlotte "Go Green!", Kara, Sarah, Emily....I could go on an on...Everyone! because you ALL HAD A PART in making this team what it is!

Most of all.... especially...and NONE of these achievements would be possible without.... CONGRATS, PROPS, KNUCKLY BUSTS, HIGH FIVES and "YEAH BUDDIES!" to you coach Pete!!! You have, without a doubt, taken this program to the next level (maybe even two!) Congrats on a fine season, and impressive showing at NESCACs, and just for giving us fans (and Parents) another closing meet we will savor for a while. You make all us parent's proud. Not just for what you have done for our young women as swimmmers, but for what your coaching and direction does for them as individuals as well.

Congrats Coach Pete and all the single lady Bobcat Swimmers on an outstanding NESCACs and 2009 Season as a whole.
"Yeah Buddy...Lightweight baby!"


Anonymous said...

Relay is going to Nationals!

-Joe D