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Monday, December 8, 2008

Camel Invite Recap

This was a weekend that truly exemplified Division III athletics, and the sport of swimming and diving.  Last week the team faced their most challenging week of academics as every professor needed papers, quizzes, and even exams taken care of before "Final Exams" commence this Tuesday (12/9).  Furthermore, with NESCAC's in February, and only five weeks under our belt, it wasn't like I was going to take it easy on them.  To their credit, they took it all in stride. They also jumped on a bus Friday afternoon and headed four hours south to New London, Connecticut for the two day Camel Invite. Overall, the team swam and dived extremely well given those circumstances.  In-season bests popped up, lifetime bests were achieved, and a lot of smiles started sneaking into the mix.

Many times a great gauge of how the weekend went is the bus ride home.  Last night the team was in great spirits, and all were either completely passed out from their hard work - or hunched over their text books getting in even more preparation for their exams. Personally, I sat in the front and had an easy time recalling all the performances I was impressed by.

Now, I know that there were 1000's of D3 Swimmers across the country swimming this weekend - knowing that exams were coming.  I also know that every NESCAC team out there was competing in some sort of invitational or dual meet this past weekend.  So in the big picture, we weren't any different, or any more special.  However, that doesn't mean I don't get to celebrate my 40 athletes that not only succeed in school, but also in their sport.  There are far more students out there holing themselves up in the library, or their dorm room, prepping for exams.  My athletes however were chasing after their dreams in two areas.  That's cool, and that's life.

We talk a great deal about the importance of doing more than one thing really well - and both the ability and confidence that will give them when they leave the college environment.  They don't realize this quite yet, but the real world is a lot different... and anything we can do as a program to help prepare them for that is important to me.  This past weekend - and this coming week - both exemplify the great opportunities that exist for our athletes here at Bates. And honestly, I can't wait to look over all the results!

Team Highlights
Kelsey Lamdin - NCAA Qualifying Scores on both 1 Meter (2nd Place) and 3 Meter (1st place).
Charlotte Green - 1st place performance in the 100 freestyle (54.8) and very solid swims in the 50 and 200.
Katelyn Drake - 1st place performances in the 100 and 200 back (1:02 and 2:14)
Kara Leasure - 3rd fastest time in Bates History in the mile (18:27), 2nd place finish in the 200 Breast (2:34), and very impressive 500 free and 400 IM (what a weekend, eh? - not to mention the 4 relays she swam)
Chris Berry posted the team's fastest times in the 50, 100, and 200 Back... and the 100 free.  Impressive.  
Alex McKeown swimming 6 individual events in the three sessions... 50, 100, and 200 Breast, 200 & 400 IM, and the 200 Fly... and consequently, scoring the most individual points for the team.
Tom Boniface had a tremendous weekend swimming all lifetime bests.  Whether they were true lifetime bests, or in-season bests - Tom was on for every event (well, except when he ran right into the laneline during his backstroke events).  
Chris Berry, Tom Boniface, Nathaniel Depew, and Ned Scott wrapped up the weekend with a 3:17 in the 400 Free relay - which isn't too far off our 2008 NESCAC time of 3:16.8 (which, btw, got DQ'ed!).  

There are probably much more, but I gotta run as the computer is running out of battery... Check out the results linked on the right side menu bar under "Headlines"

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Coach Joe D said...

Pete, Mike and Athletes,

Love reading up on your accomplishments in this early part of the season. Take this momentum into Florida!!

I miss being on the deck and being Pete's "Yes Man"... Wish I was planning meals, booking hotels and getting after you during dry land workouts.