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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 2 Update...

I'm gonna see if I can throw some video footage up on this site to show you how hard the team is working. Each day I throw them a curve ball... each day they size it up and then make better contact than I was expecting. It's impressive. Another thing, and I really like this, they seem to get up at any point of the day.

Pull ups at 6:30 AM? Yup, and go to you fail... then hang with your chin over the bar until the shaking takes over.
Carolina Slosh Pipes? Thank you Floswimming.
Abs, pushups, med balls, jump ropes??... "That's all you got Coach?"

No I got more. Let's kick for an hour, and then check out my swim sets.

And yes, 12 hours later it's 6:20 PM and I've got guys holding 1:05's on the 1:20 and ladies breaking 1:10's... short course meters. Not bad. It's been a fun week and half.

Now, I'll be honest - I'm not writing the hardest sets out there. Actually, I tend to open up the intervals more often than not because I love fast swimming at the end of practice. But as I mentioned, this team just doesn't back down. I give them some more rest, and they try to go faster - no matter how they feel. It's cool.

Not to mention that they sure do laugh a lot. Lots of encouraging... lots of guts... and lots of laughing.

If I'm making the world's best chicken salad - I sure do like the ingredients I'm bringing home.

- Coach

Casares Family Updates!

Olivia wins the Casares Family Hide and Seek Tourney

Andrew was a close second...

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