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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coach's Corner

Enough with the player profiles, eh? I love them too, but we need some more content on this site... and a moment for me to reflect and also prepare for the first day of practice, is always a good thing. So yes, we are about 3 days away from our first practice as a team, and I do believe we need the season to start ASAP. Everyone is a bit a nervous and antsy, but honestly, the team needs to start getting together, working hard, and helping each other succeed when challenged. If you ask me, doing all that stuff in a pool is way better than in a dorm room on on a Friday or Saturday night.

Here's the other thing. I'm talked out. Enough with the goals and times... and I'm definitely done hearing the "I'm gonna's". Lets just start doing. I told the team earlier this year that in swimming and diving there are rarely people out there that are succeeding with the "I'm trying my hardest" attitude. The ones that find solutions and actually do something- not just "try to do" - are the ones I begin to depend on. The bottom line in this sport isn't necessarily how fast you go, or how many points you score, although those are the things that we get measured by... Rather, the bottom line to me is; are you finding ways to improve? And are you helping your teammates improve?

My best athletes have never concerned themselves with what relay they are on, or what place they will get, or what rank they have on the team. Don't get me wrong, they all want to at the top of all those things. But ultimately, they all know one simple truth. If you get in the best shape possible, improve your technique, and take advantage of your coaches and teammates - well, all that other stuff will take care of itself. Which reminds me...

Casares' Simple Truth # 12: If you do things right, the time (or score) on the board will be right.

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