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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alumni Update - Tasha Rosener '08

Hey Coach!

So how have you been doing coach? How did the summer go with the
baby and the house? And how is Tucker?! Anyways, I just thought I
would send a quick email and keep you posted on how my life after
school is. I hope the team is beginning to form and everyone is
getting excited about the season.

I made the road trip to and from Maine and am now back in
Colorado. As soon as I got back I jumped into work and am
currently coaching gymnastics at the high school and will be
coaching diving for both the men's and women's team in the winter
and spring. I am very anxious to get the season going and can't
wait to get back in the water with the teams.

I hope all is well, I miss Bates and the pool of course. I hope
Chris is doing an amazing Head Guard job too (which I'm sure he
is). Stay in touch!


BTW, I was waiting for this picture from one of my girls on the
team, the sad thing is you can't even tell that I am older than the
rest of them! So here is a picture and you're more than welcome to
put an update on the blog. I love reading that, definitely keep it

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