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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Three Goals (Improve, Recruit, Connect)

Just a quick entry before Reunion Weekend kicks off.

I had three major goals this year, A) help my swimmers improve, B) bring in a solid recruiting class, and C) begin to connect with Alumni and help both the team and myself benefit from knowing our past, and creating a vision for the future. So, how did things pan out?...

Help Swimmers Improve (√+)
• 13 New School Records
• Several NCAA Standards
• 104 Lifetime Bests

Solid Recruiting Class (√+)
• 10 Men - All with top 16 potential and several with Top 8 Times (NESCAC)
• 12 Women - Similar credentials as above

Connect with Alums (√, if I'm being generous)
• I set up the blog in order to keep people updated.

Further, I'm not doing myself any favors as I am leaving this weekend for a family event in New Jersey. However, I do have several ideas in the works...

First, I would like to get out a biannual newsletter, and possibly even a quarterly e-newsletter. I'm going to need some help though. If you are checking this site and would like to be a "super fan," please email me with your current address and contact info ( I will start an alumni database this summer and have it completed by the beginning of the school year. If you can, including your current occupation would be phenomenal.

Second, Phil Barr and I are working on getting a newsletter out this summer which will include information on a Alumni Swim Meet and Golf Outing to be held over Homecoming Weekend next year (10/24-26).

Finally, I would love to post more "Alumni Updates" on the blog. Please feel free to drop me an email with a quick 2-3 paragraph post and picture(s). Kind of like your "Class Notes" in the the Bates Magazine.

This summer will be busy with camps, a new house, and new little Casares, but we are all looking forward to it - and we all are even more excited for next year!

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