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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Note to the Rowing Team

I had the pleasure of being a "guest coach" with the women's rowing team last week. Below is a thank you note and video I made the team. Take a look at what a team does as it prepares to win a national title!

Ladies -

I wanted to drop you and your coaches a quick thank you note for letting me observe practice for a week. To be completely honest with you all... I HAD A BLAST! I believe it was the moment I got on the boat with Pete Monday morning I knew I was going to show up for the whole week. Not only was the scenery both beautiful and spiritual, but watching your coaches coach, and the rowers row, well... I was totally inspired.

Seven years ago I was lucky enough to be 25 years old and coaching a swimming program to two national titles. Shortly after that I was also lucky to take on another coaching position that took me 5 years just to get one athlete to the National Meet. Bottom line, as an athlete that has been there, and a coach that has watched what it takes, I know how hard it is to get to the level you all are at... and I know how much time, sacrifice, and dedication it takes to not be normal (or to be "special" as I tell my swimmers). There is very little doubt in my mind that giving up time and memories with your friends, while working as hard as you do, just may be the most difficult thing to do in college sports. I have so much respect for those that not only do it, but understand why. You all are very special... no doubt.

As I mentioned to a few of you, I have a dream that the swim team will one day be competing for a national title like all of you will be this weekend. Simply put, I felt it was important to get out and see what the best team on campus is doing, and learn from both the athletes and coaches.

So again, I want to thank you - but I also want to say congratulations on all your successes and accomplishments. Stay loose this weekend, enjoy yourself, and when it is time to compete, remind yourself that it is a GREAT DAY TO BE A BOBCAT!

You will be amazing - I have no doubt.

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Greg said...

I don't think that SRV song is in public domain. His estate and brother Jimmie will want some royalties.