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Saturday, February 23, 2008

W-NESCAC (Day 2, Session 2)

This is just too much fun... I need to hang out with these ladies more often!

To kick off the night both relays improved on their prelim time. In fact, the A relay dropped 4 seconds with Ms. Charlotte Green anchoring in 24.05 (the fastest split in the entire heat!). Crazy. The next memorable moment had to be watching Emilie Swenson take out the 100 fly in 27.9. She was first at the turn... then made it to the 75 in first... and she may have been even with the pack at the 83 yard mark... but alas, all 7 other girls passed by her in the last 10 yards. You know what? - it didn't end glorious, but I totally love the risk she took. Most importantly though, she was smiling at her teammates when all was said and done. There is nothing better than a smile from Em!

After that, Reingold continued her streak of going a lifetime best - every time she touches the water. She dropped her 100 back down to a 1:02.7 (btw, her lead-off 50 in the 200 medley was also a P.R!). In the very next heat both Swenson and Drake swam tough with Katelyn touching 3rd with a 58.94. Our first ALL-NESCAC performance of the weekend!

Charlotte is also on a lifetime best binge this weekend and continued her own streak with a 1:58.4 200 Free.... good enough for 12th overall. Check this out, she took it out in a 58.7 and brought it home in a 59.7. What, a 1.0 drop off!?! You should have seen the last 50 when she passed like 5 girls in about 6 strokes.

The final swim of the night put the icing on the cake! NEW SCHOOL RECORD IN THE 800 FREE RELAY!
Barton - 1:59.4
Drake - 1:58.8
Swenson - 1:58.2
Green - 1:57.5

Total - 7:56.04

You know, this was no gimme. Drake swam in the final heat of the previous event. Charlotte swam three 200 free's today... and pulled out her fastest one on the third try. And Emilie doubled up tonight swimming 4 individual events before the relay took off. She dropped over 2 seconds and went 1:58.2 after all that swimming - that is just nuts.

I am so proud of these ladies - I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

(PS - Our B 800 free relay was nuts too! Lex and Bailey achieved their goals, and Reingold, (yeah Sarah again!) led off with a 1:59.7! That's like a 3 second drop off her lifetime best. Yup, 5 ladies under 2:00 this year... that's so cool!)

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