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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet Recap - Colby

It has been a busy week - and looks to be getting busier as we balance our final meets with a good old fashioned taper. But there is always time for a quick update on the Bobcat Chronicle.

First off... CONGRATULATIONS to our Seniors (pictured above). They are a special group and they have been through a lot together. In four short years they have had 3 different coaches... gone abroad and come back... some have retired and come out of retirement... but ultimately all have persevered. They are the largest class on the team right now - and I can't tell you how helpful, supportive, and trusting they have been. Each has taught me more about coaching and being a leader then they will ever realize. Most importantly though, through their 4 years on this campus they have not only relied on themselves for their success, but each other. And that is what makes them such a special group of men and women. I only wish I had more time with each of you.

As for the meet, well, we didn't exactly beat Colby... but the team walked away with a lot of pride and a sense of accomplishment. There were lifetime bests, in-season bests, and countless smart and gutsy swims that made both teammates and coaches smile.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect as the majority of the team was walking around like zombies all week - in fact so many were sick that at one point I was wondering if we would be able to put a relay together. Needless to say, they were tired and beat up... but they swam and dived like nothing was wrong. That is awesome.

Nothing seems to be getting in their way this year.

• Annaliese Rudis gets her first ever national consideration score in diving!

• Dan Perry and Kelsey Lamdin both improve on their cuts. Actually, this was Dan's first ever on 3 meter!

• Charlotte Green wins all the 50's... She had the fastest split (24.6) and the won the individual race (25.5). Both LTBs!

• Katelyn Drake has 3 sweet 200's... and won the 200 Back

• Annie Barton wins the 100 fly - in her first 100 fly of the year!

• Chris Berry drops mad time in his backstrokes

• Berry, Nate Cooper, Pat Carroll, and Peem finish up the meet with a win in the 200 Free Relay.

I could go through the whole line up and say something about each person... but that will have to wait.

Keep checking us out... Bates Swimming and Diving is going to turn some heads this year.

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