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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Team Holiday Party!

Well, it was an amazing evening with the team at Frye Street Union last Saturday. Everyone brought something for the team. Peem, Tasha, and Emilie made their meals in the kitchen, as well as Bailey and Kris who made various desserts. Pat Flaherty was even nice enough to order a pizza from Papa John’s (oh Finals!). Despite finals looming, everyone had a great time over many great entrees. We even finished off the evening with a great holiday classic movie… Home Alone. This was definitely a festive dinner that allowed everyone a chance to get dressed up and move outside of the pool setting. Thanks for the great evening!
- Tasha Rosener


Allie's Mom said...

What a great looking group of kids! Good luck with finals and GO BOBCATS!

Mark said...

you guys are hot. I can't wait to see some fast meets in jan-feb... and I feel guilty admitting it, but my chlorine-hair and dry skin look needs a lot of work

Mark said...
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kdrake said...

pat looks goooood