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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Alumni Update! Vanessa Williamson '05

Over the Holidays Vanessa came back home to the Lewiston/Auburn area to spend time with family and do a little swimming at Bates. Vanessa graduated from Bates not only as the most decorated female athlete in Bates swimming history - but also with a dream of making it to the Olympic Trials. To her credit, she hasn't let that dream fade. After graduation she decided to move out to California and train with one of the most decorated coaches in USA Swimming - David Salo from Univeristy of Southern California (and the Nova Aquatics Club Team).

I had good time chatting with her, and gaining a better understanding of what the most elite programs and swimmers are currently doing to prepare for the Olympic Trails. But the coolest part was she wasn't just here talking with me, she was also teaching other swimmers that came to train with her. Each day it seemed another high school swimmer showed up to swim next to Vanessa - and see what they could learn. Her ability to help others improve really impressed me... and you could tell right away that she was good at it.

Above and below are a few photos of Vanessa hanging out with some of her new buddies, a guy named Michael and another named Moses... both pretty accomplished athletes!

Good Luck Vanessa!

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Chuck said...

I have been watching Vanessa train out here in California for some time now. I am very proud of her accomplishments and passion for the sport. She is an exceptional athlete and has been representing Bates College exceptionally as a Alumni, Champion Athlete and friend. She will do well in the Olympic Trials. Go get 'em Vanessa, all of us are rooting for you!

AW1 Boyd Simpson III
Naval Special Warfare Coordinator
Los Angeles, Ca