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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ted Mullin Hour of Power!

On Tuesday, November 6, 2007, the second annual Ted Mullin “Leave it in the Pool – Hour of Power” relay swim-a-thon for cancer research took place. As it currently stands, this year's event involved 52 teams (45 Division III colleges from 18 different conferences, 4 high school teams, and 3 club teams) from multiple time zones across the U.S. In total, 3067 swimmers (2000 college athletes, 308 high school athletes and 759 club athletes) participated in this relay swim-a-thon, swimming the same set at the same time and making a difference in the process.

Bates Swimming and Diving was proud to both support and participate in this year’s “Hour of Power”. Each team's collective involvement reinforces the hope, and directs the determination that we all share toward finding medical cures for sarcoma, the type of cancer that took Ted’s life. It was the hope of everyone involved that each person maximized the empowering connection that was forged through their involvement in this important endeavor - and that they continue to communicate the essential awareness that the “Hour of Power” event has provided.

Simply put, we had a blast going all out for an hour. We had a blast working together as a team. And we had a blast "leaving it in the pool!" A huge thank you goes out to the Mullins and the Carleton College Swimming Team!


Anonymous said...

do yourself a favor and enlarge the 2nd picture to see ABar's facial expression.

the anonymous tipster (who is dying laughing on the 3rd floor of the library)

Mark said...

i miss this team