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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Player Profile! Mark Andrews (Alumni)

Name: Mark Andrews
Hometown: Cumberland Foreside, ME
Major: Spanish. Minors: Russian, History
Events: Mid-distance freestyle, butterfly

Favorite meal in Commons: Focaccia chicken- two of them cut up in a beautiful salad and two more on the side to eat plain...

Favorite class: Escritura Creativa and Roman Civilization-the Empire

Cool about Bates Swim & Dive:I heard a rumor that Michael Phelps modeled his stroke after the bobcats that frequented the lake in his backyard...

Dirt: I learned to swim back in my days playing for the Greenlandic national curling team. I was on the Under-4 juniors team and we were practicing on a frozen pond in early Spring when the ice gave way and I suddenly found myself submerged in the arctic waters. Shocked and disoriented by the bitter cold, and never having swum a day in my life, I lost sight of the opening in the ice. Before long, I had sunk to the bottom of the pond, barely kept alive by the heart-slowing effects of the frigid water. What happened next was even more curious and changed my life forever. Through the murk, I could make out the form of a pot-bellied, hairless, egg-headed boy with a goofy grin stamped on his face. I was paralyzed with fright. He swam closer to me and then opened his mouth and spake, saying, "I am John Harvey, you know what you must do." It was true, I looked into his eyes, and I knew. By body warmed, my arms and legs regained feeling, and a vigor that I did not know I possessed, overtook me. I kicked off the bottom with frightening force in a streamline position and my suddenly powerful arms pulled down with a graceful fury. Before I knew it, I broke through the four-foot thick ice and landed on the shores of the frozen pond, having learned the secret to man's most sacred and noble sport.

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