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Monday, October 22, 2007

Player Profile! Hope Fleming (Alumni)

Name: Hope Fleming
Hometown: Guilford, CT
Major: Spanish
Event(s): 50 back, 100 back

Favorite meal in Commons: It would be unfair of me to pick a single Commons meal as my favorite, as each has something unique and/or delicious to offer. Thus I choose to instead describe to you several things which distinguish themselves among a selection of fine foods, treats which never fail to brighten my Commons experience. First, there is the Oreo brownie. A considerable number of bobcats believe this dessert to be nothing more than a mere brownie laced with small pieces of Oreo cookies. WRONG. I cannot tell you exactly what goes into the Oreo brownie; however, I can tell you that the Oreo obscures itself in such a way that it would go unrecognized if it weren’t for the small label identifying the heavenly chocolate delicacy. Second, there is the seemingly endless bowl of Ruffles tucked away in the back room of Commons. I do not and will not pile a stack of these salty, ridged potato chips next to my carefully constructed sandwich. Instead, I find it immensely more satisfying to grab two or three upon each passing of the overflowing container. However, take caution because this dangerous, taunting bowl will attempt to draw you in several times during a single trip to Commons. I feel I oughtn’t to reward its malicious enticement, but those crunchy little crisps are just too hard to resist. Third (and finally), I find nothing more satisfying than a bowl of cream of broccoli soup after a long, cold trek from the pool. I have found that the perfect batch is capable of warming both the body and soul.

Favorite class you've taken at Bates: I’ve taken quite a few classes that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. However, if I were forced to choose just one, I feel I must mention a particular sociology class – Power, Privilege and Inequality. The reading material, class discussions and instructor were all intriguing, but most importantly I felt that it addressed issues to which I (and most everyone) could easily relate. I find it easiest to learn when I am able to understand the subject matter in terms of my own life and experiences.

Additional comments about Bates/Bates Swimming & Diving: I’m very fond of the team. It sounds cliché, but we’re really like one big family. We all fight, but when it comes down to it – we’d do anything for each other. It’s easy to give 100% when people that you trust and respect are the ones pushing you.

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Anonymous said...

What a well-written bio, Hope. Come home soon!