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Monday, October 22, 2007

The BOC and Katahdin

As the new head coach I am simply loving Bates! As you can tell from the player profiles, the team is fantastic. Funny, hard working, dedicated, intelligent... basically everything a coach wants. I've always beleived in the saying, "train them hard and keep them smiling"... I've got a feeling this group is going to be just fine with that.

Another aspect of Bates that I love are the opportunities for students to do things that may in fact, 'change their lives.' From going abroad, to joining a varsity team, to taking part in research with a professor - students at Bates have chances to do things most can only dream about. But here is the kicker for me... Student Organizations. I just learned that there are over 100 student organizations on this campus. Wow. To me, that is over 100 chances to be leader among your peers. That is also 100 opportunities to not only learn from your peers, but be in total control of what you do - and how you do it. That is special.

One of the coolest student run clubs on campus has to be the Bates Outing Club. The BOC went on their annual trip to Katahdin a few weekends ago and over 50 students went on the trip. I can't even begin to comprehend the good times and memories that took place. I am a big fan trips like this - and was pumped to hear our captain Emily Swenson took advantage of the opportunity. Be sure to ask her about the trip... she definitely had a blast!

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